East London born and bred, Chro Cash represents every thing, glimmer, sparkle and shades in life, from the highs to the low, the hot to the cold, party vibe to the grimy. Through his music Chro Cash aims to give a holistic listening experience creating a diverse range of audible emotions, from the party feel good vibe to the reality of the streets in his area, embracing various genres, sharing his inner visions, dreams and feelings through his self expression of music.

Based in London England, Young Athena is a singer songwriter that strives to create music that moves people. Her unique soulful voice has textures of the classic soul singers of the late 60’s and 70’s. Writing and recording is her passion having recorded her first singles ‘Be Who You Are’ and ‘On Fleek’ aged 12. Young Athena has a wide range of vocal abilities and loves to experiment with Grime, Soul, RnB, Hip Hop, Reggae, Jazz and Drum n Bass. She has bundle’s of energy to give, and loves her ever-growing fan based dearly.

King Koroma based in East London comes originally from Sierra Leone, Freetown. He represents his hometown through his heart and music, which is why his unique original homeland accent is reflected in his intonations when recording vocals. Music is his life striving to create waves and positive attention he pushes for successful sales, pack shows and making an impression on the music industry. He’s on a mission to inspire the people of his homeland.

CCKK is made up of East Londoners Chro Cash and King Koroma representing the sound of the inner city. Based in the east the two young artists express their unique experiences of growing up together in the borough of Newham. Drawing on their trials, tribulations, delights and occasional good fortune, CCKK condense and express all of this into their own unique brand of music. The young men are focused on the business of bringing their sound to the world stage.